Naomi Osaka: Six top quotes from US Open championship press conference

New York (AFP) –


Naomi Osaka starred on the court and in the media conference room after winning the US Open on Saturday with a 6-2, 6-4 victory over Serena Williams in the final.

Here AFP Sport looks at six of her best quotes from her post-match news conference:

"I always thought I should put like a GoPro on him during my matches."

-- On her father Leonard's habit of not watching his daughter play, opting instead to take a stroll around the grounds.

"I chose him to work with because he twisted his ankle within the first five minutes of practice. I was like, Yup, this guy right here, he's going to be great."

-- On working with coach Sascha Bajin

"I don't know what happened on the court. So for me, I'm always going to remember the Serena that I love. It doesn't change anything for me. She was really nice to me, like, at the net and on the podium. I don't really see what would change."

-- On her affection for Serena Williams despite the American's meltdown

"Everyone who was born in Osaka, their last name is Osaka.

"Is that true?"


-- On sharing her surname with the Japanese city of her birth

"When I was growing up, I did a whole report on her in third grade. I coloured it and everything. I said, I want to be like her. It's maybe in like a folder at home or something. I'm not sure."

-- On her affection for the American at an early age

"Sleep! I'm not really a social person like that. Maybe I'll play video games."

-- On plans to celebrate on Saturday night